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Dear customers,

Due to economic and market circumstances beyond our control, we found ourselves forced to increase the  price of few products to cover the increasing operational costs and be able to keep our services up to your satisfaction. 

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Ozone Food Purifier جهاز تنقية الأغذية بالأوزون

يعمل بتكنولوجيا الأوزون

للخضروات و الفواكه و اللحوم و الدجاج و الأسماك و الأرز

يساعد في الوقاية من أمراض التلوث مثل الفشل الكلوي, أمراض الكبد, السرطان

يقتل الفيروسات و البكتيريا و الجراثيم

يقضي علي بقايا المبيدات والكيماويات بالأكسدة

يزيل الهرمونات

Ozone Purification Technology

For vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, seafood and rice

  • Efficient in purifying water
  • Kills viruses, bacteria and germs
  • Eliminates chemical, pesticide and heavy metal residuals by oxidization
  • Eliminates hormone and reduces fat 

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Our mission in the ecologic division is to keep searching for new innovative solutions to improve quality of life especially in the highly polluted environment on earth. We believe we have to live healthier and are obliged to secure better future for our next ...More

Food Purifier is Amazing, more than I expected from it
Nevine Adel

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